Under the Bridge: Sille Sepp

Ryan C
I usually don’t release an entire photo series, but it was a crime to let this photo series with Sille Sepp unpublish. So here it is! You’re in for a treat. This was shot under a bridge, just a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Towel in Paris. 
I had an amazing team. My favorite team of all time – Anh Duong as our hairstylist and designer, and Mika Asoh as our makeup artist. But the spotlight is all about Sille Sepp, by far the most incredible model I have ever worked with to date. She sometimes tease me that she’ll come visit me in San Francisco, but I’ll keep dreaming. 
But for now, hope you enjoy this series. And yes, there’s a lot more from this shoot. 

2 thoughts on “Under the Bridge: Sille Sepp

  1. someday I will come to SF, it's not only teasing :)and Ryan, you're too kind! :)had a blast at the shooting and hopefully we can work (although it doesn't seem like work!!!) together again 🙂

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