Snapshots of all my four shoots in Paris. Won’t be able to retouch all photos from my shoots until I get back to San Francisco. So I present to you some behind the scenes shots. Been running around Central London today and going to have lots of meetings tomorrow.
Day 1

Deborah, Justine, and Ando having a nice time in one of the neighborhood alleys of eastern side of Paris.
Deborah caught off guard by Justine’s touchup.
Day Two
Claudia getting her makeup and hair done
The team! 
Day Three (Part I)
One of my favorite streets to shoot! Sille being attended to by Mika.
It just astonished me on being able to shoot alongside one of the most breathtaking landmarks in the world!
Day Three (Part II)
Back to back shoot. Anh back on the hair for Lorena.

Makeup artist Mika “glowing”
I know you’re all dying to see the final shots. Will have to wait when I get back to San Francisco in a couple of days!

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