Stockholm and Copenhagen

Been super busy to blog about my trip but I have had four photo shoots in the past three days in Stockholm and Copenhagen.
Just a quick preview of what I have been doing in my first few days in Europe:

Miss Susanne in downtown Stockholm. Had the privilege of having makeup artist and hairstylist David Berglund from Uppsala, Sweden in our shoot. 
Unfortunately, I only had time for one photo shoot in Stockholm.
Now made my way to Copenhagen by bullet train. Quite a fun experience getting to see the countryside and talking to the people sitting next to me. I met an archaeologist from Malmo whom I spent discussing human evolution in the future. Also sat next to a computer specialist whom I talked about Swedish life, values, food, music, and how awfully cold it gets in Sweden. 

Now in Copenhagen. Shot in my hotel room in Hotel Danmark, in a neighborhood full of very historical buildings. By far one of my favorite models in Europe. She’s very spunky, knows how to express herself, and super fun to work with. I present to you Amalie Nilsson!

This is Anya. She’s from Russia but she considers herself Danish since she’s been here for ten years. Was very pleasant to work with and she is planning to move to Miami to pursue a modeling career there.

Came in with no makeup. Her agency sent her to me this afternoon just to get acquainted with me for our shoot this coming Thursday. So we did a practice run. Pernilla is going to rock it, especially with the prep talk I gave her and knowing what to expect from me. 
Time for bed! Photo shoot with Therese (2PM) tomorrow. 
I am a bit bummed I won’t have time to do a test shoot in Berlin… or maybe I do. Never say never!
Already looking forward to my test shoot with Major Modeling Management in Paris and Claudia C., a freelance model in Paris.
London is another story. 
I think I can do this forever. Stay in Europe and just do photo shoots after photo shoots.