This was a very momental shoot for me. I once ran into a really beautiful Russian model at a fashion show a year ago. I was very intimidated to ask her to do a shoot and when I finally had the courage, she did not even respond to my invitation! Yes, Ryan Chua gets rejected sometimes!  But it was fate that led us to meeting at Borders that one afternoon. It would lead us later to do a shoot for ASTONISH Magazine featuring Japanese designer Jumpei Ando from Paris. We had an amazing team: Lim Utairat Konberg as our stylist, Nina Skokan as our hairstylist, and Janet Mariscal as our makeup artist and touchup hairstylist. 
It was a very cold, rainy day in San Francisco, but all the fun was had in our shoot!
Nina working on Ukushu’s hair extensions.

Looking good so far!

Lim getting Ukushu ready for the first look.

Janet putting on some touches!

Candid shot! 

The second look!
Stay tune for more updates from this shoot. 
On a sad note, the very Borders location where we met (Union Square) is closing. It was a very memorable place, and I am at least glad it had served a purpose! 

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