I was flipping through the latest issue of W Magazine and saw an ad from Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2011 Ad Campaign. And the first thing I noticed was the beautiful model in the black dress and her handbag. And pigeons. Lots of pigeons. 
First off, before I go into a rant about how disgusting pigeons are, I’d like to say photographer Alex Prager did an amazing job with the entire ad campaign. I love the lighting and composition in this shot, and the movement captured. I definitely will use this as an inspiration for future shoots.
And then the pigeons. Let’s talk image association. When you see the image of pigeons you think: 1) rats with wings, 2) bums, 3) crap on car windshields, 4) infestations at public parks and courtyards, 5) the ugly cousin of the dove, 6) rats with wings (Opps I mentioned that already, didn’t I?) 

Some of you might disagree with me, but I totally think having the pigeons in this photo just ruined the entire ad campaign. Conflicting image associations of blonde model-beautiful dress/handbag + rats with wings does not go hand in hand. The whole point of ads is to make the audience associate a designer’s pieces with something pleasant, awesome, cool, sexy, or angelic.  Not disgusting things. Hence, pigeons don’t belong in fashion. And that is my Ad Campaign Commentary of the day. Thank you.

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Ryan C

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