This just in. Russian model Natalya Asadullina was recently casted for a photo shoot because of her awesome bangs. A few weeks ago, stylist Lim Utairat Konberg was looking for the perfect model to cast for her magazine submission shoot with fashion photographer Ryan Chua. She said “Ryan, I want a model with the perfect bangs.” And Mr. Chua replied, “Yes. How about Natalya Asadullina? She has perfect bangs.”

The shoot involved $5,000+ worth of garments from European designers. Clearly having the perfect bangs was not just a nice fit, but an essential part of creating the perfect look. When asked about the news of being casted, Miss Asadullina responded, “I guess I was just lucky! The hairstylist from my last shoot just trimmed my hair and gave me these cute bangs.” Luck definitely was on her side.

A snapshot of Natalya from today’s shoot. Makeup by Sandra Martin. Hair by Jeremy Martin.

And now Natalya will tell you Russian jokes. Because the best way to tell Russian jokes is by a Russian model!

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Ryan C

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