Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from yesterday’s photo shoot with model Natalya Asadullina, stylist Lim Utairat Konberg, makeup artist Sandra Martin, and hairstylist Jeremy Martin. We started at 11am in Nob Hill (or as the locals call it, “Snob Hill”). It was a beautiful day in San Francisco which provided wonderful conditions for the shoot. Lim pulled garments from European designers which costs to a total of $5,000. Check out Lim’s blog for more details.
Natalya waiting to get her makeup completed.

Makeup artist Sandra Martin working on Natalya.

Hairstylist Jeremy Martin attending to Natalya’s hair.

Pre-shoot warmup.

It just so happened that everyone in the team wore black.

Sandra putting on some retouches.

Prepping Natalya for the next look.

On the streets of Nob Hill.

Stylist Lim Utairat Konberg making some adjustments.

A good stylist always keeps an eye out on the garments as the model moves.
Another makeup/hair change!

The Team – Jeremy, Natalya, Sandra, and Lim!
And back by popular demand, Natalya tells another round of Russian jokes! (This is our on-going tradition by the way. Natalya and I always make a mini-video skit of some sort after every shoot)

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