Every now and then, I would go through my KPOP / JPOP phase. For those of you who doesn’t know what KPOP or JPOP is, it’s Korean & Japanese pop music. They are super super catchy, even if you don’t know the lyrics (I mean language), you can still enjoy listening to the beat and watch the crazy fashion styles they have in their music videos.

This is the latest one that really caught my eye. Very unique – it is the first time I’ve seen a Korean music group embrace retro fashion. Korean pop music + retro fashion = Wow. You got to see this. One thing I learned from a couple of hours looking at KPOP and JPOP music videos is that the styling/fashion featured in these music videos actually influence the fashion in Korean and Japan. Who says you don’t learn anything from music videos? And I am also preparing myself for my Asian Popstar concept shoots for next month and this is definitely great inspiration.

This is a KPOP girl band called Secret, that started in 2009. I don’t know much about them but they are pretty popular and catching everyone’s attention in Asia.

POP QUIZ: Can you guess what era the clothes are from that are featured in this music video?

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