A Crash Course in Photography

Ryan C

Earlier today, a former model of mine, Melissa Villarama, had a crash course in photography from me and Mike Polce. It was a very fun and learning experience for everyone.

Although everyone started making fun of me for the way I taught. It goes something like this:

Now let’s talk about light sources.
There are many light sources available to us.
There is the sun.
The sun is good.
It is the best source of light because it is natural.

Basically I sounded like I was teaching to third graders. I am so glad I did not decide to hold workshops last year. And if I do, it will be with kindergarteners. So the rest of the afternoon I let Mike Polce do all the talking.

Mike Polce explaining depth of field to Melissa. 

Melissa checking in with Mike regarding her camera settings.

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  1. LOL! Thanks! I have a great hair stylist! :)Thanks for the hospitality and for the lessons Chua and Polce. I appreciate it 🙂

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