So I was flipping through the fashion & art magazines at Borders in Union Square, San Francisco, when this girl walks up to the same section as me and asked if I’ve seen the “S Magazine”. I pointed it out to her and she immediately scours the pages.

First thing that popped to my mind: She’s definitely a model. Who is apparently looking for herself in the magazine. My fashion photographer instincts must have kicked in the moment she asked me that question.

So I said to her, “you’re a model and you’re looking for yourself in that magazine, aren’t you?” She said yes she was. And I decided to help her find herself in the magazine.

I finally found her 6 page spread and took this photo of her with herself in the magazine. Her name is Ukushu Khrystyna, a Russian/Ukrainian model, and you can find her on the latest issue of S Magazine.
This definitely was not a normal visit to Borders yesterday. Nevertheless, it was a really fun and spontaneous moment. You never know who you’ll run into at a Borders at Union Square. Chances are, you’re probably going to run into me as well. LOL.

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Ryan C

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