I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with stylist blogger Aimee Song of “Song of Style” at the Starbucks on Powell and Sutter last weekend. Aimee’s blog has been featured in 7×7, Asterisk Magazine, American Apparel, Elle Girl Korea, Glamour, etc. This was again one of my ventures to understand more about styling for photo shoots. I feel that by learning more about styling, I can become a much better fashion photographer.  So I sat down with both her and her boyfriend Wesley and talked about fashion, styling, and dressing up for job interviews.
So here are the things I learned from her:
1. Ask the model if she has a “good side’ (of her face) and use that angle to shoot. 
2. Fit is very important. If the clothes don’t fit, it won’t look good on the model. A stylist must consider a model’s body type and not how pretty the clothes look.
3. Her way to find inspiration for styling is to either look at the model and then pull clothes based on the model’s looks or look at the clothes and find a story that goes well with it. 
4. Uniqueness – it’s best to find wardrobe that makes you stand out. 
5. Job Interviews – it helps to be well dressed, and it helps standing out even more. I don’t know how we got to this topic, but we all got really into talking about how standing out at job interviews make sense.
[Short story that Wes shared with me: a fashion photographer was applying for a job at a major fashion magazine in New York. There were tons of competition for that one spot and he considered himself just a decent talent, nothing extraordinary compared to his competitors. The fashion photographer showed up in a bright pink suit. Got the job. All because he stood out.] 
Why does it help to stand out? Because the interviewers will remember you more. 
Aimee on Sutter Street.

And look what we came upon. 

Union Square has full of little surprises.

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Ryan C

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