Russian model Natalya Asadullina tells us what photographers should not allow models to do during shoots.

*Natalya meant to say “during” and not “before” a photo shoot. But if eating “before” a photo shoot means eating a bucket of fried chicken and other heavy meals, then #3 applies.

I do confess that I allowed Natalya to eat that entire pizza slice (or even two or three, I lost count), but there are many reasons why models should not eat during the shoot.

1. If the makeup session has already finished, the MUA will have to re-do the makeup again (usually the lipstick/gloss).
2. Models get bloated. If the shoot is a swimwear shoot, it will show. If the shoot involves tight-fitting dresses, it will show.
3. Food coma. I caught one of my models yawning and feeling lethargic. Tiredness will show on a model’s eyes during the shoot.
4. Possible staining of the wardrobe. Probably the biggest thing to watch out for. It will definitely infuriate the designer or the stylist unable to return the item, costing the stylist lots of money out of her own pocket for the damaged/stained item.

Those are the main reasons.

I don’t mean to encourage models to starve and become anemic and have low-blood sugar during the shoot. There are other ways to get through the shoot without having to eat during the shoot, such as eating a healthy breakfast (a must!) or snacking throughout the shoot with healthy food (not hot cheetos, as one of my favorite models likes to have during a shoot). I hope this was helpful material.

Of course, at the end of the shoot, models are free to devour whatever food they want. Model Bethany Pifer shows us how it’s done. 

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