Here are some photographs of my shoot with designer Wen Guo for her look book last Saturday, January 8th in SOMA, San Francisco. 
Makeup / Hairstylist Jessica Carlisle Lee starts working on Russian model Natalya Asadulla’s makeup.
Then after the makeup, Natalya was on to fitting with designer Wen Guo. 
Natalya is ready to shoot!

Well… almost. Just a few more adjustments.

Luckily we had stylist Aram Ostadian-Binai who came all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark to keep an eye out for us. Check out her fashion blog

Natalya was like a jet ready to launch. Here she shows off her posing skills while Aram makes some additional adjustments.

Model Michelle Christensen waits as Aram adjusts her dress.

Model Bethany Pifer gets her makeup done by Jessica. 

Candid smile. 

Designer Wen Guo and Stylist Aram Ostadian-Binai tag team to set up her next outfit.

Natalya goes wild at the end of our 6.5 hour shoot. I don’t blame her. 
Overall, it was a very fun photo shoot with a very energetic team. 
Special thanks to Dean QuiƱanola for being a wonderful host. 

Stay tuned for the final releases of the actual shots to be used on the look book.

Written by

Ryan C

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