Lately I have made it my goal to gain more understanding about fashion and style. What better way than to spend an afternoon with one of my dear stylist friends Lim Utairat Konberg. We first had a nice chat at a downtown SF cafe over hot tea and soy chai latte. Then we headed on over to H&M on Powell, which is becoming our tradition each time we meet. 
Taken by my HTC Droid Incredible camera phone, here is Lim flipping through the latest styles at H&M. 
What did I learn? When styling for a photo shoot, a good stylist doesn’t just pick out an item just because it “looks good.” The stylist must take into consideration the body type of the models involved. How the clothes fit on the model is very essential. A stylist must also consider if the item would look good in front of the camera. The type of fabric and material will affect how the clothes will look in pictures. For example, this jacket has a very reflective fabric. Stylists should take into account the effects of studio flash when dealing with such material.  

Now that I learned something about styling, Lim transitions from lecturer to my personal shopper. 

She picked out this blue/white plaid for me, which I should wear with a black vest and jeans. I will rock this out for my photo shoot this Saturday!

Lim’s picks: 

And that concludes my afternoon with Lim. You can check out more of her styling tips and fashion trend reports on her blog:

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