The best way to learn from other people is to learn from their mistakes. And I will share the lessons I learned from my own mistakes! And I’m not holding back anything since there’s really nothing for me to lose.

So today’s lesson:
Quality over Quantity

It was common for me to schedule a photo shoot every chance I got. On average, I would have four photo shoots within a week. And then sometimes six days straight of photo shoots. Call me crazy, I love it that much. What’s wrong with having that many shoots?

One: I sacrificed quality. Sure I worked with a lot of models, MUAs, hair, etc. and had many photos to showcase, but each shoot didn’t have as much wow factor or production values.
Two: Burnout. Planning four to six photo shoots in a week required me to coordinate with several models, makeup artists, hairstylists, designers, stylists, and photography assistants for each of those shoots. That meant writing emails left and right, responding to questions, and figuring out a time that works for everyone.
Three: Post-Processing time added up. Four days of shooting meant an additional two days worth of post-processing work.

I’ll stop at three. So lesson learned. It is better to have that one carefully planned photo shoot and have amazing production values than four impromptu shoots with decent results.

Written by

Ryan C

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