I’ve compiled a list of Do’s and Don’t’s that I think models should be mindful of during photo shoots. This is based on my experiences doing shoots in the past year and a half as well as listening to my models’ horror stories about other photo shoots.

DO’s and DON’T’s of a Photo Shoot

DO remember to polish your nails before the shoot
DON’T let the photographer spend hours retouching your chipped nails

DO warn your photographer in advanced if you are going to be late for the shoot
DON’T assume it’s okay to be “fashionably late” because it is a fashion shoot.

DO your research and know your photographer’s name before the shoot
DON’T let the photographer forget about you afterwards because you didn’t know their name.

DO engage in conversations with your makeup/hair team and get to know them.
DON’T engage in cell phone conversations with ten of your friends telling them about your Facebook stalker or what your ex-bf did last night.

DO make sure you’ve washed your hair or at least it’s not gross
DON’T be the talk amongst hairstylists and how gross your hair was in the last photo shoot that they did.

DO get your beauty rest the night or two before!
DON’T let the photographers spend extra time retouching the bags under your eyes.

DO kindly leave the premises if you feel that your photographer is a creep/pervert.
DON’T wait until that creep/perverted photographer finds a way to “hold you” because you fell off the railing and other excuses for them to touch.

DO know who your photographer is!! Ask other models, makeup artists, etc about a certain photographer before you shoot with him or her!
DON’T be surprised when the photographer refuses to do a shoot with you unless you have sex with them, or you don’t get your images unless you go out on a date with them, or find your images on porn sites.

DO use the photo shoot as an opportunity to network with the photographer, MUAs/hair, stylists, designers and ask them about their upcoming projects. That way, you’ll have a great chance of getting casted or getting a head start on future opportunities
DON’T forget to network network network!!

——contributions from models———

DO remember to wear proper undergarments.
DON’T make the photographer have to photoshop pantylines.

DO bring a bottle of water
DON’T Let the photographer’s assistant double as a on site EMT

DO respect the designers clothing
DONT alter the clothing to your liking without designers approval

DO bring your cell phone in case of an emergency
DONT ruin the make up artists work while trying to look down at your phone screen

Written by

Ryan C

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