Month: October 2010

Photographers and Cable Channels

This is in response to Dario Smith’s question as to what was the reason that made me give up photography, or more particularly “the last straw” or the main factor causing my decision to retire. here was actually not just one factor that determined my 

Photo Shoot Etiquette

Photo Shoot Etiquette

I’ve compiled a list of Do’s and Don’t’s that I think models should be mindful of during photo shoots. This is based on my experiences doing shoots in the past year and a half as well as listening to my models’ horror stories about other 

Checking Out…

Checking Out…

Dear Friends,

Two and a half years ago, I decided not to pursue becoming a pharmacist anymore. I then explored the idea of fulfilling one of my two passions – cooking and photography. At first, I sought the wisdom of a chef to find out more about the culinary arts. I met one of the head chefs of Pasta Pomodoro, and I asked him about his experiences and what his advice was for aspiring chefs. I will forever remember his words: “If you love to cook, keep it at home.” When your passion becomes your job, you could potentially lose interest in your passion. That definitely scared me and I decided to keep my love for cooking at home.

But photography was another story. It came to me naturally. I was taking paralegal courses at SFSU, but I would find myself more engrossed in scheduling photo shoots. I would sit in the very back of the classroom and retouch photos during class. I completed the certification program but did not pursue any job opportunities as a paralegal. Instead I went and dove straight into fashion photography. I scheduled photo shoots every weekend, every day off I had. If I didn’t have a model I would go to the park and take photographs of dogs, squirrels, ducks, etc. I took almost any model requests I got. The steam engine was unstoppable. I met so many wonderful people – my models, my makeup artists and hairstylists, wardrobe stylists, designers, other photographers. And of course, you can’t get along with everyone. I had some falling out with other people as well. That’s just life. Some of these people are now a really important part of my life and I am really glad to have met them.

But alas… I have mentally and physically checked out from photography. It is very scary to think about it, but I was so passionate about photography in the last 18 months. But now, those flames have died. I really thought it was just one of those phases where I just needed to take a few weeks off from shooting. But after much retrospect, a break may or may not change all that. Perhaps my priorities have changed. Maybe I am not happy with the way things are going with the photography business and fashion scene. Whatever the case, I am retiring/taking a break from photography indefinitely until further notice.


Ryan Chua