How it all started. I was one of the photographers for the Black V Fashion Show a couple months ago in downtown San Francisco, and after the show, I ran into Sarah Dabby, one of the members of The Family Crest. We made our introductions and I told her that I was looking for musicians to photograph in my portfolio. Sarah later emailed me and told me that the entire band was interested in a shoot with me and we later met up to talk about our collaboration. I met Liam, Sarah, and Laura at Bazaar Cafe (a very nice cafe by the way) in the Richmond District and we finally were able to discuss the shoot.
How would I describe The Family Crest in ten words or less? “They are good. They are really good. Very talented musicians.” Listening to them in the living room and during the shoot was magical and enchanting, like one of those old Disney movies. I was able to get a preview of some songs from their upcoming album – which is going to be great! To learn more about the Family Crest, check out their website! Click Here
And P.S. Please help them reach their goals for their Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for their upcoming album release by making a donation on their website! 
I arrived at the scene with Liam playing a new song he just written.
A little wine is a great way to start a photo shoot.
Jake listening to Liam’s new song.
Makeup time!
Claire Calub doing makeup on Sarah Dabby.
John telling a story. 
Laura is amused.
They are quite a lively bunch!
Never a dull moment.
Jake concentrating while listening to a song.
Claire and Sarah
I don’t know where that red nose came from. 
At our Presidio location
Setting up!
A little soundtrack during the shoot doesn’t hurt.
The Mike Polce. 
All talk and no shoot? Places people!
I forgot what Laura said.
But it definitely has to do with her being cold. 
Sarah doing her sexy catwalk.
Caught me off guard. 
These girls are super goofy together. Pretty obvious.
Jake and John doing a little dance. Irish?
And that’s all folks! 
A Preview of the Final Shots
Owen Sutter – Violin
Lucas Chen – Cello
Liam McCormick – Vocals, Guitar
Laura Bergmann – Flute, Percussion, Vocals
Sarah Dabby – Viola, Opera Voice
John Seeterlin – Bass Guitar &  Jake Steuer – Drums, Percussion

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Ryan C

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