Funny story. I once complained on Facebook that most of my models came from all over the Bay Area EXCEPT San Francisco. Then Maxime responded and said “I’m IN SF!” And the rest was history. We met up again for the third time along with my beloved MUA Sarah Dean and Photo Assistant Extraordinare Mike Polce. Maxime, aka Miss Pacifica USA 2010-11 and the face on my business cards, brought her A-game because I warned her that this shoot might be submitted for a magazine. She was quite a trooper at the beach, it was cold and not the sunny summer weather I was hoping for in SF. Nevertheless, I was very satisfied with the turnout of our photos.

Makeup time!
Sarah busy at work!
Sarah writing in the sand!
Cheese! Yes, she looks great in my fedora.
Jumping for joy!
This cute dog came out of nowhere!
Really wanted Sarah’s writing stick badly.
Give me Give me! 
Maxime came to the rescue!
Laugh out loud!
Sarah and Maxime
Second look for a forest theme!
Just one thumbs up?
Much better! 
Previews of the Final Shots

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