My shoot with Corinne last weekend was intense. We did a photo shoot on Thursday at 3pm with MUA Zehra Ahsan in SOMA. Somewhere in between, Corinne’s car got towed. It was not fun finding out how much it costs to get her car out of the towing yard. However, Corinne kept a very positive attitude and we continued our photo shoot after we got her car back. Somewhere in between, my studio lights exploded in my face, rendering it out of commission. Still, Corinne and I continued to do a shoot using whatever indoor lights I had. We finished our shoot close to 1030pm. 

We met up again in Sausalito at 10am Friday for a swimwear shoot for Umbrella Girls Calendar. We had a nice and private beach location all to ourselves. Except for the Coast Guard, tourist ferry boats, and tankers heading to China. Nevertheless, Mike, Corinne and I all had a great time despite running on pure adrenaline. We ended the shoot at 2pm. That’s basically a 24hour shoot!

Day One: With MUA Zehra Ahsan and Photography Assistant Mike Polce.

Makeup Session
Zehra fixing her hair

Almost ready

Messy hair

Day Two: Umbrella Girls Swimsuit Calendar Shoot

It was cold! 
But she was quite the trooper!

Tankers, Coast Guards, Ferries, Oh My!
Mike made sure everything was in perfect order.

She likes long walks (and photoshoots) on the beach

BRRR… Corinne keeping warm.

Corinne being Goofy Part I

Corinne being Goofy Part II
Final Shots:

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