I did a collaboration with stylist Angel Phillips for this photo shoot last weekend. She had a handful of vintage dresses she collected since high school and been waiting to put them to good use. We had a fabulous model from Denmark, Hanna Helena, the talented MUA Christine Chen and hairstylist Noelle Lynn, and my wonderful photography assistant Mike Polce on our team. Jody Humes also added some firepower to our shoot by contributing jewelry from her own collection!
We were also joined by Bandit, which is Angel’s pet dog, who followed us around all day during the shoot. (Fun Fact: He is also a BananaRepublic.com model. Look for him in the women’s section of the website!)
Bandit would fight over Hanna for attention. He would even jump in with her during the shoots!
Bandit looking to see the action. 
Christine doing makeup on Hanna.

Noelle working it! 

Noelle is very helpful in my shoots, always checking to make sure the hair does not get in the way of the shots.

Mike Polce and Bandit became really good friends that day. 

Angel fixing up Hanna’s dress.

Hanna always threw a smile or two in between shots. 

Meet Angel. 

Here is a preview!! 
Check out Christine Chen’s Blog about this shoot as well! 

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