Sailboat Shoot with Dominique Ansari Designs (Swimwear Edition)

This was by far one of the most exciting and fun photoshoots I have ever done. Originally the idea started when Dominique Ansari (the Designer) asked me to do a shoot with her new swimwear line. I immediately thought, why not shoot it on a sailboat? After doing my research, I found the perfect sailboat and captain! Captain Chuck (website) was very accomodating to my photoshoot needs and to my team.
Behind the scenes photos courtesy of Phillip Wang.
We started the morning at 7am for hair and makeup on dry land.
Here is Julianne doing makeup on Katy.
Becky is attended by Noelle & Sonya (hairstylists) and Zehra (makeup).
Erik Foldhazi working on Katy’s hair.
It was a mad dash to get the models started before we head to the docks in Sausalito.
We’ve arrived! The styling team working on finishing touches
Sascha’s hair getting done on board.
The shoot commences! Angelica (wardrobe stylist), Noelle, and Dominique keeping a watchful eye on the model I am shooting.
It was not easy shooting on a sailboat. There were choppy waves here and there.
Erik oiling up Becky.
Phillip holding up the diffuser for me.
Shooting Sascha. Mike Polce was my secondary shooter.

Back at the docks!
Definitely a memorable shoot. The models, hairstylists, makeup artists, photography assistants all did a marvelous job at helping me make the shoot a successful one! Special thanks to Captain Chuck for the wonderful sailboat experience!

Final photos