Ad Campaign: Doughey’s Cookies
Models: Daniel Orth, Christina Sand, Stacey Lee, Natalia Dominguez
Makeup: Julianne Chai
Location: San Francisco

So one day, Brandon was telling me that he was going to open a cookies shop in San Francisco. I immediately thought – photos for his shop! The first thing I thought was creating an ad campaign for his cookies shop using the models we knew. It didn’t really occur to him but he LOVED my idea!

The day before our shoot day, Natalia, Brandon, and I brainstormed ideas/concepts for the shoot. Yes, it was straight out from the book of procrastination. We managed to cast two other models for the shoot – Christina Sand and Daniel Orth. During the day of the shoot, I had the models model the cookies in variety of ways – keeping a sharp focus that the models SELL the cookies and make the audience want to have a cookie from Doughey’s. Here are the results. Hope you like them!

It will be awhile till Doughey’s store grand opening but these ads have already created a buzz!

Special note: Makeup done by the wonderful Julianne Chai (

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Ryan C

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