The LANY Handbags catalog/website shoot was a big success! There were so many people involved! I decided to split the shoot into two days. On our first day, we shot at Hotel Vitale, which was right across the Embarcadero Ferry Building. The weather wasn’t spectacular, very cold actually, but the models were brave and did whatever it take to get the best shots of the handbags. I had a great support team as well. Correction. THE MOST AMAZING SUPPORT TEAM! Lim Konberg did an amazing job directing the MUAs/Hairstylists as well as styling the wardrobe for our 7 models. Melissa Villarama did a double take as a model and also as my fashion coordinator – coordinating the models and the shoot. Mike Polce was my second shooter and took shots of the handbags in the product photography section.
The second shoot was held the next week at Parc 55 Hotel in Union Square. We learned from our last shoot and made things run 100x smoother this time around. We also had a way bigger suite than last time, and the management/security staff of the hotel were kind enough to allow us to shoot everywhere in the hotel! (Special thanks to Mike Polce for arranging this with the hotel management and security team). We definitely took advantage of the Club Lounge which had a gorgeous view of downtown SF!

Mike, Melissa, Chris Hobson, and I spent the night at the hotel, then woke up the next day and took photographs of all the remaining handbags that weren’t shot yet. It was Melissa’s debut as a parts model! She did a great job as well! Mike took some really good shots too. One is featured in the catalog, the red handbag with the heart shape. Afterwards, Neil took us out to Stacks for lunch and post-shoot meeting. It was quite an experience indeed.
I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people that I worked with during those two shoots. They are all super talented and very dedicated to their crafts.

You can find the photo gallery of the actual shots used for the catalog at

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