Megan Lee | Abbot Kinney Part Two

Abbot Kinney has so many cute spots! There is the Love Wall, by far the most colorful and cutest art wall I’ve ever seen. vintage-havana-dress-abbot-kinney-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-2166 vintage-havana-dress-abbot-kinney-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-2214 vintage-havana-dress-megan-lee-ryanbyryanchua-2185

Actress/singer Megan Lee and I walked around a few more blocks and ran into these palm trees. We felt like we were in a movie set! Special thanks to Vintage Havana for these beautiful dresses!
vintage-havana-floral-dress-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-3327 vintage-havana-floral-dress-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-3388

And last but not least, this really cool set of characters!vintage-havana-floral-dress-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-3552vintage-havana-floral-dress-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-3539

And last but not least… DONUTS at Blue Star Donuts! (Follow her on Fyuse: @hellomeganlee)

Maria Sivakova | West Village

We’ve been trying to shoot for a couple of months now, but I couldn’t meet up with Maria Sivakova (@thelittlemodel_) the last time I was in New York and she was super busy the last time she was in LA. However, we made it work. On my very last day in NYC, Maria and I finally got to shoot. We met up in her neighborhood and shot around the area, which had a lot of cute spots like Tacombe. Van (@forevervanny) was also with us which made the shoot even more fun (click here). She was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing her in LA or NYC, whichever comes first!

4-white-lace-top-maria-sivakova-thelittlemodel-ryanbyryanchua-1801 4-white-lace-top-maria-sivakova-thelittlemodel-ryanbyryanchua-1846 4-white-lace-top-maria-sivakova-thelittlemodel-ryanbyryanchua-2067 4-white-lace-top-maria-sivakova-thelittlemodel-ryanbyryanchua-2122 4-white-lace-top-maria-sivakova-thelittlemodel-ryanbyryanchua-2156 4-white-lace-top-maria-sivakova-thelittlemodel-ryanbyryanchua-2225

NotJessFashion | Chelsea

Here’s another shoot I did with my favorite blogger in the world, Jess @notjessfashion. We took this around Chelsea in between the Banana Republic presentation and Shopstyle Social House event. This bomber is super cool because it has “notjessfashion” in the back! Check out more details of her outfit on her blog: Easy Street.
lord_n_taylor_bomber-002 lord_n_taylor_bomber-003 lord_n_taylor_bomber-005 lord_n_taylor_bomber-006 lord_n_taylor_bomber-007 lord_n_taylor_bomber-009

Barbora Ondrackova | 7th Avenue

Barbora (@fashioninmysoul) managed to squeeze in a 2 look session before the fashion shows began. Luckily we were staying in the same area, so it was very easy to meet up. I just love shooting in NYC, the cabs and architecture really make all my shots more dynamic. Hope you enjoyed the shots! See more of my photos of Barbora: Vogue Haus.
barbora-fashioninmysoul-white-dress-ryanbyryanchua-2700 barbora-fashioninmysoul-white-dress-ryanbyryanchua-2789 barbora-fashioninmysoul-nyfw-ryanbyryanchua-2899 barbora-fashioninmysoul-nyfw-ryanbyryanchua-2908 barbora-fashioninmysoul-nyfw-ryanbyryanchua-2941 barbora-fashioninmysoul-nyfw-ryanbyryanchua-3022

New York Fashion Week | Day Four

My day began with an early morning shoot with Czech/German blogger Barbora Ondrackova (@fashioninmysoul) in Midtown. We both realized we were staying pretty close to each other, so it was very convenient to just meet at a Starbucks in the middle. After we had our coffee, we wandered around 7th Avenue for some good spots to shoot and found this awesome crosswalk!

Afterwards it was a quick session with the stunning Jasmine Tosh, who met me back at my hotel. And we basically shot around the hotel, it was pretty convenient having good shooting spots on where I was staying. Did I mention there was a laundromat around the corner that pretty much did all the washing and folding by the pound? Anyways, here’s this hottie Jasmine Tosh. More photos to come!

Then it was off to Tome at Skylight Moynihan.tome-runway-nyfw-ss2017-ryanbyryanchua-4140

I snapped some streetstyle right after the show! Actually was sitting near the Song Sisters so I told Aimee to wait for me outside for quick snaps.

Here’s Happily Grey and Damsel in Dior.

I actually ran into Cyn (@cyneats) and Brandon (@dopensteez) at the show, and Ariana Lauren joined me at my seat as well. It’s nice to see the ol’ SF crew!

Then Ariana and I went back to our old shooting ways.

After we parted ways, I met up with my favorite bay area bloggers, Jessica @Hapatime and Jasmine @LifewithJazz, for a quick shoot on the side of Madison Square Garden!

Then off to Jenny Packham! It was very impressive!

My day wasn’t over just yet. I did a quick shoot with Jill Wallace @littleblackboots whom I haven’t seen in awhile since she’s been traveling all summer. Oh and she was literally half a block from my hotel, so it was so quick to get to her.

After a long day of shoots and runway coverage, it was time to eat. I rounded up Ron @omgitsbomb, Cyn @cyneats, Brandon @dopensteez, Jessica @notjessfashion and her hubby for ramen at NOT Ippudo, but something better. Ron is an expert on NYC restaurants, and he suggested Ramen Zundo-Ya, which he thinks is way better than Ippudo but without the insane lines and crowded space. We were able to seat ourselves instantly. After the first couple of bites, we all agreed that it was better than Ippudo! Definitely check out Ramen Zundo-Ya in East Village!

There was no way we would end the night without desserts. Luckily my favorite spot was nearby – Spot Dessert Bar on St. Mark’s! Cyn got to try all the deliciousness for the first time, like The Harvest which you get to “water” with milk.

No photos but afterwards I made everyone walk with me to Momofuko so I could stack up on cookies! The End.



New York Fashion Week | Day Three

My day was supposed to start at 8am for a backstage access at Adam Lippes, but Jess and I both changed our minds the night before. We definitely need more sleep after staying up late for photo edits. So our day started at Self Portrait where I got to see Aimee and Dani Song, who ended up sitting next to Jess. And guess who Jess sat next to on her right? Olivia Palermo! I snapped photos of Aimee and Dani right after the show!

songofstyle dani song self portrait nyfw streetstyle

Jess and I headed to SoHo for the Rebecca Minkoff show. It was insanity. They blocked off an entire city block for the show, and tons of people just waiting to see it. You’d be lucky to even get a glimpse of the runway. I didn’t even bother watching since I was so occupied with taking streetstyle photos.

Here’s Camila Coelho. She’s amazing and she’s become one of my favorite fashion week bloggers.camila coelho camila coelho

The lovely Jessi Malay.
jessi malay

It’s always great to see Tamara! I’ve been shooting her since my first fashion week in 2012! 

Jenny Tsangtastic and Jess NotJessFashiontsangtastic notjessfashion

I couldn’t keep a straight face when Marianna Hewitt showed up.nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-0448


Girls with no names. I don’t know who they are. Comment below if you do.
nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-0740 nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-0817nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-0761 nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-0776

After the show, I took a break and cooled off at my hotel room. It was ridiculously humid that day, I was literally drenched in sweat. Seriously cannot stand NYC weather. Next stop was Shopstyle Social House at the Glasshouses. It rained for 5 minutes right during my walk. During my walk. It had to be at that time. There was nothing on the weather forecast but I showed up drenched at the event, and the rain just decided to stop as soon as I arrived. What a day.

The moment I opened the doors, I ran into this beautiful couple named Kimmy Hyunh and Pete Cashmore.

And then I got to see Shay @drunkonshoes too!shay-drunkonshoes-shopstyle-nyfw-ryanbyryanchua-1099

Also got to see my dear SF friend Latisha Springer with her fashion friends.latisha-and-friends

I was only there for 20 minutes until the Banana Republic show, which was luckily right on the next block. I wish every show was super close to each other instead of another district.banana-republic-nyfw-ss2017-1173 banana-republic-nyfw-ss2017-1200

Then after that, it was on to more photoshoots with my favorite blogger in the world, Jess @NotJessFashion. Photos coming soon but here’s a Fyuse! Be sure to follow us there!

And then we grabbed drinks and appetizers at this bar/restaurant called Porchlight, which was a pretty fun venue. Vanny, Grace, and Angel joined us as well.

Impromptu photoshoot on our way back home. I actually just met Angel Zheng at the Shopstyle event, where she introduced herself to me and Jess in the elevator. Now she’s one of the coolest friends I have in NYC!angel-and-vanny

And the end. Until tomorrow! Please don’t let it be humid. Thanks.


New York Fashion Week | Day Two

My day started with Jessica (@notjessfashion) in SoHo. We grabbed some iced coffee and then started taking some streetstyle photos around the area. It wasn’t as hot as the other day, but it was definitely humid. Note to self: wearing only 100% cotton clothes, no more polyester materials.
Jessica NotJessFashion

Then we made our way to Spring Studios to see the Tanya Taylor presentation.tanya-taylor-nyfw-ss2017-presentation-ryanbyryanchua-6030

We parted ways for a bit and met up later on for Nicole Miller. But since we were losing daylight, we decided to snap some shots first.jess-notjessfashion-nicole-miller-by-ryanbyryanchua-7727

And then front row at Nicole Miller. It was prints-tastic!
nicole-miller-nyfw-fashion-spring-summer-2017-ryanbyryanchua-7908 nicole-miller-nyfw-fashion-spring-summer-2017-ryanbyryanchua-7879 nicole-miller-nyfw-fashion-spring-summer-2017-ryanbyryanchua-8003 nicole-miller-nyfw-fashion-spring-summer-2017-ryanbyryanchua-8021

Oh hi, @theserenagoh, it was nice to meet you!

Then we were off for some food at Juniper Bar. Can you believe this was her first meal of the day, and it’s pretty much dinner time at this point. She’s such a trooper! You eat when you can at fashion week!notjessfashion-juniper-bar

Then we trekked over to Skylight Moynihan to see Tadashi Shoji. It was really fun since I got to see a couple of my blogger friends, and also met some really cool peeps!
tadashi-shoji-nyfw-ss2017-collection-ryanbyryanchua-9561 tadashi-shoji-nyfw-ss2017-collection-ryanbyryanchua-9602 tadashi-shoji-nyfw-ss2017-collection-ryanbyryanchua-9700 tadashi-shoji-nyfw-ss2017-collection-ryanbyryanchua-9723

After the show, we headed out to Koreatown to meet up with my friend Van Le (@forevervanny). Have you guys tried Grace Street in Koreatown yet? They have amazing desserts such as the Korean donut and shaved ice! It was a sweet ending to our busy day!


Time for bed. Another busy day tomorrow!


New York Fashion Week | Day One

I was originally planning on not going to NYFW this time, but my friend Jess (@notjessfashion) convinced me otherwise. I’m so glad I listened, I forgot about the amazing fun things that makes fashion week incredible. Minus the sweating. Yes, the humidity in NYC is insanity. I changed shirts like 4 times today and took 3 showers. But besides that, it was nice to be shooting streetstyle and runway again. Did I mention how much I miss public transit? I actually need a break from driving everyday around LA that it’s nice to just hop on a subway / train line in NYC. Or even Uber if it’s not surging.

These are some shots I took of Jess @NotJessFashion after Marissa Webb. notjessfashion-nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-day-one-4873 notjessfashion-nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-day-one-4902 notjessfashion-nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-day-one-4919

May Myat Noe from Myanmar

nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-day-one-4740 nyfw-streetstyle-ryanbyryanchua-day-one-4751

I should’ve asked for her name.

Miss Marianna Hewitt
streetstyle-nyfw-fashion-bloggers-ryanbyryanchua-4702 streetstyle-nyfw-fashion-bloggers-ryanbyryanchua-4724

More streetstyle
streetstyle-nyfw-fashion-bloggers-ryanbyryanchua-4760 streetstyle-nyfw-fashion-bloggers-ryanbyryanchua-4878

Some of my favorites from Marissa Webb that I took. I actually gave up the opportunity for front row seats to get these views.

marissa-webb-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-4471 marissa-webb-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-4493 marissa-webb-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-4526 marissa-webb-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-4553 marissa-webb-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-4607

Jess and I decided to check out the Australian Collection at Chelsea Piers afterwards.

Here are some of my favorites from the Austrialian Collection!

australian-collection-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-5173 australian-collection-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-5292 australian-collection-nyfw-fashion-designer-ryanbyryanchua-5352

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Megan Lee | Abbot Kinney

I met actress/singer Megan Lee at my last Fyuse x ST5A Fashion & Music Mixer a couple of weeks ago, and I just had to do a photoshoot with her. If you don’t know who she is, definitely check out Nickelodeon’s “Make It Pop” – she’s quite the talent and pretty entertaining! I made her sing in the car too – her voice is amazing. She is also one of the cutest people I’ve ever shot! We have tons of amazing photos, can’t wait to share the rest. This matching two piece is from Happy Hour Collection, and we shot around Abbot Kinney in Venice! I also discovered how AMAZING Salt & Straw ice cream is! It has become one of my favorite ice cream place now. I’m so happy it’s opening in Arts District sometime soon!

happy-hour-collection-abbot-kinney-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-2670 happy-hour-collection-abbot-kinney-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-3292 happy-hour-collection-abbot-kinney-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-3098 happy-hour-collection-abbot-kinney-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-2892 happy-hour-collection-abbot-kinney-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-2832 happy-hour-collection-abbot-kinney-megan-lee-hellomeganlee-ryanbyryanchua-2693