Julia Friedman | Abbot Kinney

Here’s a set I did with Julia Friedman in our last session at Abbot Kinney in Venice! It is such a beautiful area to shoot, and the locals are pretty nice too. Lots of cute dogs but besides that, plenty of photo-worthy spots to shoot around! I also ended up being a pair of shoes from Toms while waiting for Julia to change. And who can forget about ending a photoshoot with Salt & Straw ice cream??

2-sweater-dress-julia-friedman-ryanbyryanchua-fashion-blogger-2015 1-black-leather-jacket-julia-friedman-ryanbyryanchua-fashion-blogger-1863 3-tommy-hilfiger-julia-friedman-ryanbyryanchua-fashion-blogger-2115 3-tommy-hilfiger-julia-friedman-ryanbyryanchua-fashion-blogger-2164 4-black-top-denim-jeans-julia-friedman-ryanbyryanchua-fashion-blogger-2558


My Obsession with Popbar

I am currently obsessed with Popbar ever since I tried it at the new Rowland Heights location about a month ago. Like literally craving it all the time, even if it’s cold. Definitely try out the green tea bar half dipped in milk chocolate with almond bits and drizzled with white chocolate. That was totally a mouthful. The vanilla and hazelnut are my other favorite flavors! I’m on a mission to try out the other flavors someday. I took Sangyay here the other day and we ended up taking some pictures and videos here. She’s in love as well LOL. You’re either going to love the gelato flavors (green tea, hazelnut, vanilla, etc) or the sorbetto (mango, passionfruit, coconut, etc). My best friend Mike preferred the sorbetto flavors. But definitely go crazy with the drizzles and toppings, it really gives life to your popsicle!

Having fun with Fyuse with Anna and Sangyay doing their Popbar pop dance!

So many flavors, so little time.

BeScene x AnhCoTran

Linh @bescene (aka the most talented hair colorist in the world) invited me to take photos during his hair collaboration with another very talented hairstylist, Anh Co Tran, at the RAMIREZ | TRAN Hair Salon in Beverly Hills. It was very much a super fun day spent with fun and beautiful people. The girls that day were Francis Lola @flamcis, Lisa Lee @hilisaa, and Daisy Marquez. I know nothing about hair, so it was interesting to see these two talented individuals work their magic. Check out the transformation below! Hope you enjoyed the photos!
bescene-x-anhcotran-ramirez-tran-salon-5975 bescene-x-anhcotran-ramirez-tran-salon-6001  bescene-x-anhcotran-ramirez-tran-salon-6047 bescene-x-anhcotran-ramirez-tran-salon-6087 bescene-x-anhcotran-ramirez-tran-salon-6669 daisy-marquez-bescene-anhcotran-6939 francis-flamcis-bescene-anhcotran-6263 lisa-lee-hilisaa-bescene-anhcotran-6883

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Did you see our Mannequin Challenge video? It got over 1 million views on BeScene’s Instagram!

Megan Lee | Cold Water

I was blown away by Miss Megan Lee‘s amazing voice the first time I watched Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop. So I’ve always wanted to make music videos, so I told her that we should do a video together! Our very first video collaboration is her cover song of Justin Bieber’s Cold Water. We shot this around Santa Monica Beach which I thought was a great setup for the song. Hope you guys enjoy the video! Please Like the video and Subscribe to her YouTube channel!



Kerstyn | Ivy Swimwear

I met the owners of Ivy Swimwear (Linda and Linda) at BeScene/Nikster’s hair session last month, and Linda (@ltnda) and I decided to do shoot together for Ivy Swimwear. Kerstyn @_dippedinblack was the perfect model for this. I also found the perfect rooftop with a pool in KoreaTown (thanks Sam!) to shoot in. I did mostly behind the scenes and videos, and watched Linda do most of the photo work. Be sure to check out Ivy Swimwear for your next swim essentials!

img_1630 img_1726 img_1731 ivy-swimwear-x-kerstyn-dippedinblack-x-ryanbyryanchua-1702 ivy-swimwear-x-kerstyn-dippedinblack-x-ryanbyryanchua-1584 ivy-swimwear-x-kerstyn-dippedinblack-x-ryanbyryanchua-1666 ivy-swimwear-x-kerstyn-dippedinblack-x-ryanbyryanchua-1714 ivy-swimwear-x-kerstyn-dippedinblack-x-ryanbyryanchua-1654 ivy-swimwear-x-kerstyn-dippedinblack-x-ryanbyryanchua-1593

Lisa Lee | Arts District

Lisa Lee (@hilisaa) and I have been trying to do a photoshoot together since 2014. I can’t believe it took two years for us to finally convene and do a shoot together! So this was a very memorable shoot for me – Lisa’s been on top of my list of bloggers I want to shoot with! She’s so beautiful in person and on camera! She’s also fun and chill in real life! We shot this around the Arts District around golden hour, hope you guys enjoyed the photos! Looking forward to more shoots with Lisa! Also, check out her cosmetics brand: Seduire Essentials!

3-grey-dress-lisa-lee-hilisaa-ryanbyryanchua-0512-4x63-grey-dress-lisa-lee-hilisaa-ryanbyryanchua-0588 3-grey-dress-lisa-lee-hilisaa-ryanbyryanchua-0428 3-grey-dress-lisa-lee-hilisaa-ryanbyryanchua-0694 4-pink-romper-lisa-lee-hilisaa-ryanbyryanchua-0941 4-pink-romper-lisa-lee-hilisaa-ryanbyryanchua-0945 4-pink-romper-lisa-lee-hilisaa-ryanbyryanchua-0835 4-pink-romper-lisa-lee-hilisaa-ryanbyryanchua-0972
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Racquel Natasha | DTLA

I’ve been shooting with Racquel Natasha twice already, and we’ve been knocking out several amazing shots that I really love! Our first shoot was in the Arts District, and then we decided to do our second shoot around the Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Broad. Check out her blog for more details of her outfits: Racquel Natasha.


Julia Friedman | Melrose Place

I’ve been following model/blogger Julia Friedman for awhile, and I was happy that she contacted me the other week to do a shoot with me. I had a fun time with her, and we definitely had good chemistry (We shot again recently in DTLA!). We met up on Melrose Place at Alfred’s Tea to get acquainted, and then did 5 looks around the area. Be sure to check out her blog for more details of her outfits: click here!2-pink-sweater-julia-friedman-juliafriedmann-ryanbyryanchua-67422-pink-sweater-julia-friedman-juliafriedmann-ryanbyryanchua-68954-pink-suede-julia-friedman-juliafriedmann-ryanbyryanchua-72334-pink-suede-julia-friedman-juliafriedmann-ryanbyryanchua-74055-black-jumpsuit-julia-friedman-juliafriedmann-ryanbyryanchua-7640

 Follow her on Fyuse: @juliafriedman!

Atsuna Matsui | DTLA

Here’s a shoot I did with blogger Atsuna Matsui around the Walt Disney Concert Hall/ The Broad area. I always love this area for photos, there are so many spots to work with for different types of outfits and themes. See more of Atsuna’s outfit on her blog: Crossing.

atsuna-matsui-ryanbyryanchua-0085 atsuna-matsui-ryanbyryanchua-0129 atsuna-matsui-ryanbyryanchua-9891atsuna-matsui-ryanbyryanchua-0462

These ones were taken at the Arts District. I’m sure you knew that.
atsuna-matsui-ryanbyryanchua-9742 atsuna-matsui-ryanbyryanchua-9599