New York Fashion Week | Day Two

A few hours before, i was wearing just a shirt in 75degree weather in SF. The moment I got out of my flight into JFK, I was greeted with a cold icy blast of New York winter. That is all I remember the whole day, being in the cold, shooting in the cold, and feeling numb. But that is part of the streetstyle photographer experience. You gotta be on your feet and alert for the next fashion celebrity that walks by. I started shooting at Skylight at Moynihan Station and ended up in SoHo where the streetstyle action was much more intense. Hope you enjoyed my streetstyle shots! I really love shooting Aimee Song and Irene Kim, two of my fashion week favorites.

Aimee Song / Song of Style


Irene Kim (@ireneisgood)NYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6629

Susie BubbleNYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6281NYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6287

Leandra @ManRepellerNYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6321

Eva ChenNYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6486NYFW-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6492

Dani SongNYFW-Skylight-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6103NYFW-Skylight-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6110Anh @9to5chicNYFW-Skylight-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6153

Thania PeckNYFW-Skylight-Streetstyle-New-York-Fashion-Week-2016-6059

Adventures with Violet Fog: DOSA

Most people don’t know but I love Indian food! And by Indian food I mean chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, and naan. Right when I entered DOSA, I found out that I’ve been eating mostly Northern Indian food all this time, and DOSA is a Southern Indian Cuisine. I realized I don’t know what that means, so it was such an eye (and stomach) opener to try out several Southern Indian dishes during my visit with Cyn (@cyneats/@thevioletfog) and Katey (@thevioletfog). It’s definitely healthier, not as heavy, and a lot of emphasis on crepe-like naan (rather than the thick naan at Northern Indian restaurants. We were accompanied by Stephanie Danielle (@thecityblonde) and Ally Chen (@fashionbyally). Everything was really good (although I had to skip out on the spicier dishes, can’t really handle them). I highly urge you to check out DOSA someday, even my Indian friends highly recommend it!

Oh and behold the biggest dosa you’ll ever see: Click Here.

DOSA with Violet Fog-8000

Stephanie Danielle | Valentine’s Day

This may be my most favorite photoshoot (and videoshoot) of the year! Stephanie Danielle (aka @thecityblonde) and I teamed up to shoot a Valentine’s Day themed look at Ketsourine Macarons in Daly City! Ketsourine has a very beautiful spot to shoot anything cute, and I knew it was the perfect place to shoot a Valentine’s Day outfit. Stephanie fell in love with the place too! Did we mention how delicious the macarons are as well? Be sure to try the Coconut Almond and Hazelnut Crunch. Oh and their macaron ice cream is a hidden gem, try that as well!

Stephanie looks so stunning and beautiful in this red dress! I just love bloggers who can pose and be expressive in front of the camera. She’s definitely one of my favorites in SF! Be sure to check out her blog post for more details of her outfit: The City Blonde – Valentine’s Day. Watch our video for Fyuse as well: Click Here.Stephanie Danielle x Ketsourine Macarons Valentine's Day-5554Stephanie Danielle x Ketsourine Macarons Valentine's Day-5669Ketsourine Macarons-6435Stephanie Danielle x Ketsourine Macarons Valentine's Day-6046Stephanie Danielle x Ketsourine Macarons Valentine's Day-6064Stephanie Danielle x Ketsourine Macarons Valentine's Day-6185Stephanie Danielle x Ketsourine Macarons Valentine's Day-6200

This video was so fun to shoot! I hope you like it!

#FyusexST5A Fashion & Music Mixer

Two weekends ago, I organized a Fyuse fashion and music mixer with my friend Peter at Studio 5A (which is the dopest studio in DTLA)! This is the second #FyusexST5A Fashion & Music Mixer I’ve coordinated with Peter, and we thought we would take it to the next level. Bloggers Ellen V Lora (@ellenvlora) and Francis Lola (@flamcis) co-hosted the event along with Nicole Yoon (@nicqueen), Cathy Kim (@cathythekimchi), and Christina Lee (@cleeluc). We were also fortunate to have food sponsor Ridges Churro Bar that made sure everyone was fed. Their churros were amazing! Who would’ve thought adding yogurt and Fruity Pebbles would take the churro experience to the next level?

Our friend Ezekiel brought some amazing donuts and desserts from Cafe Dulce (Little Tokyo). You have got to check that cafe out if you are in Downtown LA!
Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-0251Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-0270Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-0259

Studio 5A’s talented singer Justin JJ Park also performed live! Hear his cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” on his YouTube channel: Click Here!Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-0315

Did I mention how I finally got to meet Krys Khloe?? She is so awesome! I can’t wait to finally do a shoot with her!Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-1181

Arika Sato and her churros from Ridges!Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-0106

Krys Khloe having fun with donuts from Cafe Dulce!Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-1030Fyuse x Studio5A Fashion and Music Mixer DTLA-1110

I’d like to thank all the awesome bloggers and friends that came that night: Hieu @hieucow, Amy Nguyen @ammish, Daisy Kim, Brianna V, Celine Linarte (@c_linarte), Christina Kim and Stephanie from Love Culture, Fiona Leahy, Eunice Kim, Eunice Sun, Yuki Ito, Lola Fair, Albert Liu, Ally Chen, Arika Sato, Cindy Thai, Cristina Viseu, Brittany Au… I really hope I didn’t forget anyone, but if I do, I’m sorry but thank you for coming!

It was truly a memorable night! Special thanks to Peter Rocks and Studio5A for making it happen!

See more action from the event!

Fyuse: #FyusexST5A
Instagram: #FyusexST5A
Facebook Event: Ridiculous Amount of Photos

Generation Beauty | L.A. Live

I came down to LA to check out Generation Beauty with Ally Chen (@fashionbyally). I’ve only been to BeautyCon so I didn’t know what to expect. It was definitely smaller than BeautyCon, but not as insanely crazy and definitely a lot more organized. I was just disappointed that there wasn’t a Creator’s Lounge of some sort where all the influencers could hang out and mingle like at BeautyCon. Other than that, a couple of us were bored after 15minutes, the others did go nuts going for the free stuff. The highlights of my visit was just meeting other YouTubers that I haven’t met, like Karina Lynn Kho, Charmaine Dulak, Anisa Xiong, Cassandra Bankson (click here), Sandi CutePolish, Alex Denmon. It was also great to see Christine Kkarmalove, Winnie LeSassaFrass, Cindy InfinitelyCindy, and Cristina ViseuGeneration Beauty 2016-1513Check out the Fyuse version (click here)!

Generation Beauty 2016-1377Generation Beauty 2016-1473Generation Beauty 2016-1493Generation Beauty 2016-1522Generation Beauty 2016-1386Generation Beauty 2016-1309

I got to see Michelle Phan in real life. The line was too long so I just snapped pics of her meeting her fans.Michelle Phan GenBeauty IPSY-1425

We didn’t stay for that long, and decided to get food. Ally, Cristina, Alex, Cindy, Karina and I decided to go to KoreaTown for Korean BBQ. I took them to Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong on 6th Street, the very same restaurant Lola Fair took me to a couple of months back. It was really fun hanging out with this group. You’ll just have to watch Alex and Cindy’s Vlog footage of our Korean BBQ experience and desserts at Mr. Coffee.

Mr Coffee-1586

Skip to 1:36 for the KBBQ and Mr. Coffee dessert footage

Cindy’s GenBeauty, KBBQ, and Mr. Coffee Vlog

Day One was much nicer than Day Two of GenBeauty. Ally and I tried to go, but the weather was insane (I believe it was a storm happening), and the parking was ridiculous. We found out later that there was a Clippers game going on at Staples Center. No wonder parking was at $30-$40! Even though it was nice hanging out with friends, I still think BeautyCon is much more fun and worth the trip.

Adventures with Ally: Lake Tahoe

This past weekend, Ally and I decided to join my co-workers for a Lake Tahoe skiing trip. But we thought it would be more fun if we didn’t ski and explore/shoot around Lake Tahoe instead. On our first day, we walked around Heavenly Resort and tried out Heavenly Donuts. They were quite heavenly for sure, I went back again the next day for more.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-4Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-6

My co-worker Matthias did most of the driving during the first two days. I made sure we were loaded with snacks for the trip.

We stayed at David Walley Hot Springs Resort in Genoa (just on the other side of the mountains from Heavenly Resort). It was much quieter and peaceful, with beautiful landscapes. This was the view from our room!

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-8

On the second day, we had brunch at Sprouts. I had the healthy stuff which was their popular dish of salsa, avocado, sprouts served on a bagel, and a side of chips.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-10

We then walked around South Lake Tahoe and explored the region. We came upon a forest region with lots of cute cabins. The snow was at least 3 feet deep, your leg would get stuck if you weren’t careful.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-0361

It was also the first time I’ve actually walked around the lake. It was quite remarkable seeing everything blanketed in snow.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-0541

I had a hard time walking around, I brought the wrong kind of shoes. So I ended up walking like a grandpa while I used my monopod as a cane.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-13Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-14

We finally reached a section of the lake that was a wooden walkway that brought you closer to the lake and gave you views of the mountains.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-0859

And yes, it was freezing cold. She had to borrow my jacket and gloves. Here’s one last selfie of us before we went to get lunch at a pub. She had Shepherd’s Pie and I had fish and chips.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-15

On the last day of the trip, we had a really fun snow session at a park that had the freshest  snow I’ve ever seen. My co-workers had a blast having an intense snowball fight and making snow angels.

Tahoe Trip with Ally Chen FashionByAlly-17

Overall, it was a really fun trip! I had a really great experience with Tahoe this time around. I think we were lucky to be blessed with great weather and fresh snow. We didn’t hit any insane traffic either, but everyone did complain about being in the cars for too long. Hope you enjoyed my post!