Nicqueen | DTLA

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a photoshoot with Nicole Yoon (@nicqueen), so it was great to do another shoot with her again. This time she killed it with her poses and style. I was very blown away and totally love this look! We found this random street that overlooked the freeway away from the rush hour craziness. Her hat is from Kore Limited, outfit from Nun Bangkok. Hope you enjoyed the shots!

Priscilla | Newport Beach

I met Priscilla (@priscillax103) with her friend Julie (@misssjoolie) at the 7 Leaves Cafe grand opening in Chino Hills just a couple of weeks ago along with tons of other bloggers/Instagrammers I have not met before (click here). I told them that we should do a shoot together, and they said they’ve never shot with a professional photographer before, so we were all excited to shoot. They first suggested Laguna Beach, but I’m not too fond of that beach after a recent experience. I suggested Newport Beach / Balboa Pier, and I was so happy we chose that place! It’s a photographer’s heaven – one side is the beach / pier, and the other side is an amusement park / boardwalk area – which gave me a lot of options for backgrounds. Here’s the first look I did with Priscilla. More of Julie and Priscilla coming soon!

white-top-denim-shorts-summer-looks-priscillax103-ryanbyryanchua-6457 white-top-denim-shorts-summer-looks-priscillax103-ryanbyryanchua-6485 white-top-denim-shorts-summer-looks-priscillax103-ryanbyryanchua-6330

And we had In N Out afterwards. It really hit the spot!

Jasmine Tosh | Bel Air

One day, I was going through my feed and saw that Jasmine Tosh was visiting Los Angeles! I immediately commented that I wanted to shoot with her, and next thing I know, she DM’s me! I’ve been following her for the longest times, she’s one of my dream bloggers to shoot! And it finally happened last week! I swooped her up from her hotel and we drove around Bel Air for some cool spots to shoot. She’s so lovely and sweet, and fun to shoot with. I really can’t wait for her to come back to LA next month! See more details of her outfit on her blog: Jasmine Tosh Lately.

pink-top-jasmine-tosh-bel-air-fashion-photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-5657 pink-top-jasmine-tosh-bel-air-fashion-photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-5690 pink-top-jasmine-tosh-bel-air-fashion-photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-5766 pink-top-jasmine-tosh-bel-air-fashion-photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-5844 pink-top-jasmine-tosh-bel-air-fashion-photography-by-RyanbyRyanChua-5811

KCON Day Three: Amber from f(x), Jenn Im, Mukbang

The last day of KCON brought in some of the biggest stars of the KPOP world. I got to see Amber from f(x) up close and personal at her interview with Haeppy and Bapmokja at KCON TV. Her fans swarmed the entire section of the KCON TV booth just to catch a glimpse of her.

I also got to catch up with YouTube star Jenn Im. I haven’t seen her in ages ever since she left the Bay Area. She’s so sweet and nice to her fans!


Then Nicole @Nicqueen, Krys Khloe, and Justin JJ Park did mukbang on live TV. If you don’t know what mukbang is, it’s basically eating in front of a live audience, which is popular in Asia. I couldn’t stay too long to watch, I was getting hungry and I know there’d be no leftovers left with those three.


Afterwards, Bapmokja showed us his lifting skills.Bapmokja KCON TV

Next I stopped by the Flower Boys Cafe to catch up with some friends. Here’s Yuki, Christina, and Krys Khloe.

Then KCON was officially over. And everyone packed the Staples Center to see their favorite stars. I actually was there just for TWICE and Girls Generation TTS. I was actually very impressed with Eric Nam and Amber, they’re both very very talented singers. Overall, I had an amazing time! I met lots of wonderful people and I can’t wait for next year’s KCON LA!

Here’s Tiffany (also Krys Khloe’s cousin) from Girls Generation TTS. tiffany-GirlsGeneration-TTS-KCON-2016-LA-8206


So I finally got to go to my first KCON yesterday! I didn’t know what to expect but it was a lot less crazier than BeautyCon (but the concert part is way crazier though!). For those of you who don’t know what “KCON” is, it’s a convention about Korean culture – pop music, TV dramas, movies, fashion/beauty, etc. It was fun making new friends and meeting other fashion/ beauty/ music influencers. What I realized was that not everyone there was Korean, which was pretty cool because it shows how Korean music/TV shows/food/fashion is embraced and celebrated worldwide. Special thanks to my friend Richard at CJ Entertainment for letting me experience my first KCON ever!

Nicole Yoon (@nicqueen), Liah Yoo (@aboutliahyoo), Angel (@beautifymeeh), Lynn Park (@hellolynnpark), Jeniffer Kim (@meejmuse) as a K-Girl Group.
girl-group-bloggers-youtubers-kcon-7357 girl-group-bloggers-youtubers-kcon-7362

Justin Park meets Justin Kim, the first Korean-American male model contestant on America’s Next Top Model.Justin JJ Park KCON-6931 Justin JJ Park KCON-6947

Linda of LeendaDProductions & Nickelodeon’s Megan Leemegan-lee-KCON-6914

Megan and Justin Kimmegan-lee-KCON-6988

Nicole, Justin JJ Park, and Cathy the Kimchinicole-yoon-kcon-6672

Hieu Cao and her magnificent unicorn hairKCONTV KCON LA 2016-6645

Krys Khloe, Justin Kim, Cathy the KimchiKCONTV KCON LA 2016-7045

Nicole, Haeppy (@cuzimhappy), BapMojka KCONTV KCON LA 2016-7320

Watching Lia Kim with her adorable fans at KCON TV booth!KCONTV KCON LA 2016-7190

Hannah Yun and LindaKCONTV KCON LA 2016-6687

Megan and Linda

Justin Kim

Yuki and @alwaysrizen

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Victoria Ly | Loading Docks

I had another shoot with Victoria Ly (@victorialamode) a few weeks ago. This time around, something was different about Victoria. She had more positive energy, sex appeal, and confidence in front of the camera compared to our first shoot. She was nailing down her poses left and right, and she just blew me away. If there was a Most Improved Fashion Blogger Award, she’d win it. We spent the whole day together in Potrero Hill and then Ocean Beach for bikini shoots. See more details of Victoria’s outfit on her blog post: French Feelings.

black-top-jeans-victoria-ly-victorialamode-ryanbyryanchua-8665 black-top-jeans-victoria-ly-victorialamode-ryanbyryanchua-8716 black-top-jeans-victoria-ly-victorialamode-ryanbyryanchua-8729 black-top-jeans-victoria-ly-victorialamode-ryanbyryanchua-8873 black-top-jeans-victoria-ly-victorialamode-ryanbyryanchua-8880 black-top-jeans-victoria-ly-victorialamode-ryanbyryanchua-8898
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Pokemon Go is Life

Okay so I didn’t want to jump in on the craze during the first few days of the Pokémon Go release, but right after I started playing it, I couldn’t stop! This game is so fun! Where was this all my life? I’m actually going out there and walking. I once walked home instead of taking Uber so that I could catch Pokemon along the way. And just yesterday, I made my nieces go to the public park with me so I wasn’t by myself playing Pokemon. I also spent most of my time catching Pokemon at my friend’s wedding (click here). As part of my obsession, I’ve decided to incorporate Pokemon into my fashion and foodie shoots! Hope you like them!

Celine Linarte at Zero X in Pomona with her Snorlax.

Catherine found a wild Pikachu!
pikachu catch them all pokemon go catherine pham venustraphobic

Amy Zhang and her Pikachu.
pikachu pokemon amy zhang theluxilook

A wild Eevee appeared!
eevee pokemon amy zhang theluxilook

Catherine Pham chilling with her Squirtle.

What level are you? Comment down below! (I’m level 11)

Krys Khloe | Summer Lookbook

It was time for another summer shoot with Krys Khloe, and we decided to hit up one of our usual spots in West LA near Koreatown. It was a lovely day, not too blazing hot as LA is known for, and with a little breeze. This was part of a five look summer lookbook shoot that we did! The video is already out too! Check it out on Krys Khloe’s YouTube channel: 5 Days of Summer.


Adventures with Catherine: CatCon & KBBQ

Two weekends ago, Catherine Pham (@venustraphobic) trekked to LA for CatCon. Yes, believe it or not, there is a convention about cats! We had tons of fun checking out the booths, especially the Arm the Animals booth where we we showed Fyuses to cat lovers and gave out free t-shirts. Then we wandered around and took photos at random photobooths. I got Catherine a Pushkeenicorn plush doll (forgot to take a pic, doh!) and then we were done with the convention. We only really needed about 2 hours to get through the whole convention, and I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to see any real live cats. I did see people dressed up as cats, but other than that, no real cats running around.


Then afterwards, we hit up my favorite Korean BBQ place in Koreatown: Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong! I love this place so much, it’s worth the wait. Luckily it wasn’t rush hour yet so we just waited for 10-15mins. Then we ordered a Pork Combo and a Lunch Box that Catherine really wanted. Everything was so good and cooked perfectly. I can’t wait to go back again!


Oh and we had a quick stop at my favorite boba place – Coco’s!

Hope you enjoyed my post!