Adventures with Krys Khloe & Cathy Kim: Universal Studios

Ever since Ally @fashionbyally went to Universal Studios in Orlando without me and I saw all her Harry Potter World photos and Fyuses, I decided I needed to go right away in my next LA trip. So I rounded up my friends Krys Khloe (@spotkryskhloe) and Cathy Kim (@cathythekimchi) for a Universal Studios trip in Hollywood! It was a blast!! I’ve never had so much fun in a theme park in a long time. I haven’t been to Universal Studios since I was probably 10 years old. I really love that the rides aren’t too scary for me (I’m scared of heights).

We spent 30% of our time at The Simpsons side of the park. You can see why.

And then it was 60% of our time spent at Harry Potter Wizard World. Cathy was so happy she cried (saw the tears!). The wands are kind of expensive (at least $50)! But the ButterBeer was totally worth trying! We won’t spoil how it tastes! You’ll just have to try it on your own. The Ride was pretty fun, although it did touch on some of Krys Khloe and Cathy’s phobias. LOL.

I was also super happy to finally spend time with the Minions!

The Minions Ride was pretty fun. Too bad Cathy didn’t meet the height requirement.

Universal Studios with Krys Khloe and Cathy Kim-16

This visit was definitely a memorable one. I highly recommend everyone to check out Universal Studios when they get the chance. I suggest going on a weekday (we went on a Friday and the lines for the major attractions were about 20-25 minutes, which is pretty good). Hope you enjoyed my post!
Universal Studios with Krys Khloe and Cathy Kim-18

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Ally Chen | Floral Child

Here’s a fun music festival themed shoot I did with Ally @FashionbyAlly by the Sutro Baths in San Francisco. Her dress is from BooHoo and flower crown (it also lights up at night!) from SoCalbySteph. There were so many tourists in this area who got to see this flower child in action. Did we mention it was pretty windy that day? But we managed. Thanks, crazy San Francisco weather!

White-Dress-Festival-Look-FashionbyAlly-RyanbyRyanChua-3779 White-Dress-Festival-Look-FashionbyAlly-RyanbyRyanChua-3783 White-Dress-Festival-Look-FashionbyAlly-RyanbyRyanChua-3800 White-Dress-Festival-Look-FashionbyAlly-RyanbyRyanChua-3805 White-Dress-Festival-Look-FashionbyAlly-RyanbyRyanChua-3860

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Jackie Montarbo | Love From Duboce Park

Jackie Montarbo and I have been trying to schedule a shoot together for many months, but my traveling schedule and her work schedule always clashed. Finally we got to shoot this month and I’m glad we finally did! Jackie is a natural in front of the camera, and she’s super cute and fun to hang out with. We shot around Duboce Park which was a very cute spot to shoot. Be sure to check out her blog: Love From Jackie.

White-Dress-LoveFromJackie-Jackie-Montarbo-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-0003 White-Dress-LoveFromJackie-Jackie-Montarbo-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-0075 White-Dress-LoveFromJackie-Jackie-Montarbo-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-0124White-Dress-LoveFromJackie-Jackie-Montarbo-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-0200 White-Dress-LoveFromJackie-Jackie-Montarbo-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-0223 White-Dress-LoveFromJackie-Jackie-Montarbo-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-0255 White-Dress-LoveFromJackie-Jackie-Montarbo-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-0288

Adventures with Ally: Le Marais Bakery

One day, Ally (aka @fashionbyally) texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Le Marais Bakery in Ghirardelli Square. I’ve never heard of it, but I’m always down to eat yummy food and take photos of pretty pastries. I had no idea that I was in for a treat – everything at Le Marais was heavenly. Rachel, Ally, and I were first treated with delicious cold brew, followed by pastries after pastries. My favorite was definitely the cookies.

Here is Rachel and Ally taking pictures of their sweets.


Here’s Ally and Rachel with my favorite cookies

Le-Marais-Bakery-FashionbyAlly-RachelVogtTrends-San-Francisco-0591 Le-Marais-Bakery-FashionbyAlly-RachelVogtTrends-San-Francisco-0706 Le-Marais-Bakery-FashionbyAlly-RachelVogtTrends-San-Francisco-0815 Le-Marais-Bakery-FashionbyAlly-RachelVogtTrends-San-Francisco-0768

Be sure to check out Le Marais Bakery if you’re ever craving coffee and sweets!

Sharon Wu | Style Lullaby

I’ve never met and worked with someone so sweet and lovely as Sharon (aka @stylelullaby). I’ve been wanting to shoot with her for the longest time and we finally got around to it two weekends ago in LA. A few weeks before that, she told me about her dream that we shot together, and I thought that was really cute that anyone would have a dream shooting with me. I guess you could say I make dreams come true (LOL). She was a blast to hang out with, and we even did a short behind the scenes video of our shoot and our dinner at BCD Tofu House (Click Here). Also, don’t forget to check out her blog for more style inspiration: Style Lullaby.Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7345Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7357Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7368Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7372Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7418Floral-Top-Denim-Shorts-Sharon-Wu-StyleLullaby-RyanbyRyanChua-7433

Ariana Lauren | Pacific Heights

This was that one day Ariana Lauren and I drove around Pacific Heights looking for the perfect spot to shoot this floral dress. We first ended up on a main road with lots of construction workers looking on, which made Ariana a bit uncomfortable. So we drove around some more and found this cute isolated street (which was a dead end, pretty much). Hope you enjoyed the shots! Floral-Romper-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-7992Floral-Romper-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-7974Floral-Romper-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-7952Floral-Romper-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-8117Floral-Romper-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-8258Floral-Romper-Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-8272

Lemonade SF Opening Party

I was super excited to find out that the LA-based restaurant chain Lemonade was finally opening their first store in San Francisco! Even better was that it is located in my favorite shooting / hangout spot in Yerba Buena Gardens / Metreon area! I went with Ally Chen (@fashionbyally) and Rachel Vogt (@rachelvogttrends) yesterday to celebrate at their opening party! Hope you enjoyed the shots!


Ariana Lauren | Boho in WeHo

Right after Coachella, Ariana Lauren and I made a stop in West Hollywood for some rest and relaxation (and shoots of course)! We stayed at The Charlie, which is a very lovely place to stay. A lot of celebrities have stayed there for sure. So far we’ve stayed at The Marilyn and Clark, although we almost got the Valentino. We also ate at Gracias Madre right after, which was pretty good even though I don’t really eat Vegan stuff. I really love West Hollywood – Alfred’s, Urth’s Caffe, Melrose Place, Lemonade, oh and my friend Arika Sato lives there too! Ariana-Lauren-Spring-Looks-Striped-Romper-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-RyanbyRyanChua-3476Ariana-Lauren-Spring-Looks-Striped-Romper-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-RyanbyRyanChua-3528Ariana-Lauren-Spring-Looks-Striped-Romper-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-RyanbyRyanChua-3686Ariana-Lauren-Spring-Looks-Striped-Romper-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-RyanbyRyanChua-3584Ariana-Lauren-Spring-Looks-Striped-Romper-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-RyanbyRyanChua-3728Ariana-Lauren-Spring-Looks-Striped-Romper-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-RyanbyRyanChua-3756Ariana-Lauren-Spring-Looks-Striped-Romper-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-RyanbyRyanChua-3802