Adventures with Krys Khloe: Shabuya All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu

During my last video shoot with Krys Khloe, she kept asking me what we should eat for dinner. I wasn’t sure at the time, Korean BBQ and anything fried chicken are usually my go to. But this time, Krys suggested we try out an all-you-can-eat shabu shabu place called Shabuya in LA Koreatown. Luckily there was no wait on a Friday night, so we strolled right in. Let’s just say the moment we were seated, I was blown away at how “all-you-can-eat” the place really is. Krys ordered pretty much almost all the meat options but I had to stop her at some point. I went crazy with the unlimited shrimp sui mais. I couldn’t believe how fresh the ramen and udon noodles were, far better than the Japanese ramen and udon places that I’ve tried. I’m definitely coming back here, it’s such a great price for all you can eat shabu shabu!

Photos and videos from my shoot with Krys Khloe coming soon!

Lucky Rice San Francisco Feast

Last Friday, I attended the Lucky Rice San Francisco Feast held at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco’s Financial District. It was hosted by my dear friend Chef Kathy Fang of Fang Restaurant (you have to check out her restaurant someday). She invited me and a bunch of my friends to attend, so I rounded up my best friend Mike Chua, Christina Lee, Catherine Pham, and Heather Cheung, and of course, Ally (@fashionbyally) and her crew. I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone who entered was ready to eat. It was definitely a feast, we kept on sampling dishes after dishes from many of SF’s finest Asian restaurants like Fang, Hakkasan, Chaya, Anzu, Ramen Bar, just to name a few. A couple of us did go crazy over Boba Guys‘ drinks and was our ultimate favorite of the night. I’m pretty sure I had 6-7 boba drinks from there, and Catherine had 5 and was going to get more but they ran out by the time she tried to get more.


It was indeed a fun-filled memorable event! We had our share of drinks from Bombay Sapphire and kept going back round after round. We were glad we went early to avoid the lines that started to form everywhere for food later that night.
lucky rice san francisco feast 2016

And I’m pretty sure we did more than three trips to the American Express photobooth. Who doesn’t love photobooths?lucky rice san francisco feast 2016

Me and Christina enjoying our drinks.

Be sure to check out the next Lucky Rice event! There’s one in LA coming soon! Visit for more details.

Catherine Pham | Summer Time

Here’s one of my favorite photoshoots with Catherine Pham (@venustraphobic) from the past week. We shot this around Potrero right near my old workplace (Charlotte Russe). Shooting around Potrero always reminds me of my days at CR. I love the monochrome walls and the colors around the area. Her top is from Love Culture, maxi skirt from Tobi. Be sure to check out her blog post for more details: Double Slit.
white-lace-top-catherine-pham-venustraphobic-ryanbyryanchua-8278-5x7 white-lace-top-catherine-pham-venustraphobic-ryanbyryanchua-8300-4x6 white-lace-top-catherine-pham-venustraphobic-ryanbyryanchua-8442 white-lace-top-catherine-pham-venustraphobic-ryanbyryanchua-8482 white-lace-top-catherine-pham-venustraphobic-ryanbyryanchua-8496

Be sure to follow her on Fyuse: @venustraphobic.

Samantha de Galicia | Sunkissed Dreamer

I remember meeting Samantha de Galicia (@samanthamde) for the first time at the Love Culture party a few months back, and from that moment on, I knew I just had to do a photoshoot with her. She’s half Spanish, half Filipina and is super photogenic and fun to hang around. Just last week, Samantha and I attend Social Media Week together in Santa Monica and decided to do a swimwear shoot at the beach since it was just a few blocks from the venue. It was towards the end of sunset and we rushed as fast as we could to get these shots in before the sun completely disappeared. I just love that last glow of sunlight, it is the perfect light you could possibly have for your photos. To see more of her, be sure to check out her blog: Sunkissed Dreamer. She’s one of my new favorites now, so expect to see more of her!

samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8532 samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8556 samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8566 samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8572 samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8579 samantha-de-galicia-samanthamde-sunkissed-dreamer-blogger-model-bikini-photoshoot-ryanbyryanchua-8603

I snapped this photo of Samantha at Social Media Week in between the panels. The panels were very informative. I tried to absorb as much information as I could. There were also some things I already knew, which the speakers helped validated. I highly suggest checking them out if you’re into social media or are an influencer or brand. They are also running Social Media Week in other cities, so be sure to visit their website for more details!
Social Media Week Los AngelesSocial Media Week Los Angeles

Yuki Ito | Call Me Maybe

I lost count but I’m pretty sure my last shoot with Yuki Ito (@yukibomb) was almost a year ago with Nicqueen on Melrose Place. Nevertheless it was great to be reunited with her again. We shot this in the Arts District at an area I discovered a couple of months ago that I rarely shoot in. I have to point out that her really cool sunglasses are from Zero UV, which I think is another amazing eyewear brand to look up! Be sure to check out Yuki’s blog:

white-top-distressed-denim-yukibomb-ryanbyryanchua-5157 white-top-distressed-denim-yukibomb-ryanbyryanchua-5119 white-top-distressed-denim-yukibomb-ryanbyryanchua-5124 white-top-distressed-denim-yukibomb-ryanbyryanchua-5207 white-top-distressed-denim-yukibomb-ryanbyryanchua-5217 white-top-distressed-denim-yukibomb-ryanbyryanchua-5248 white-top-distressed-denim-yukibomb-ryanbyryanchua-5266

Lina Dinh | Arm the Animals Summer Edition

Summer is finally here and I’m happy to be spending more time at the beach! This was a fun shoot I did with the cutie Lina Dinh (@lovebtntheracks) during her last visit in LA. We shot this in Manhattan Beach right before her flight, followed by a delicious dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant, Mama D’s. Her tops are from Arm the Animals (be sure to check them out – proceeds go to Animal Shelters!) and her swimwear is from Triangl.

Two Tips you should know about shooting at the beach: 1. pick a non-touristy beach so you don’t get families and sunbathers in the shot (definitely NOT Santa Monica Beach). The more isolated the beach, the better. You also don’t want random dudes hollering at your blogger and asking if they could take a photo with them (happens all the time in Venice Beach). You don’t want creepers creepily taking videos of the bloggers either. (It’s so obvious, I see them doing it all the time). 2. Shoot either very early in the morning (6am-8am) or late afternoon (5pm – Sunset). You want to avoid harsh daylight, especially when you are out in the open with no shades. Some photographers do have assistants who can hold reflectors, and some have flash setups which allow them to shoot basically anytime of the day. But if you want that natural glow, shoot in those times I suggested.

black-tank-top-summer-arm-the-animals-lina-dinh-lovebtntheracks-9834 black-tank-top-summer-arm-the-animals-lina-dinh-lovebtntheracks-9843 blue-tank-top-summer-arm-the-animals-lina-dinh-lovebtntheracks-9794 blue-tank-top-summer-arm-the-animals-lina-dinh-lovebtntheracks-9808 blue-tank-top-summer-arm-the-animals-lina-dinh-lovebtntheracks-9711

Barbora Ondrackova | Fashion In My Soul

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot with Czech fashion blogger Barbora Ondrackova during her visit to San Francisco a couple of days ago. I love that I live in a city where I get to meet many fashion travelers such as Barbora. We shot this around Union Square in downtown San Francisco. Be sure to check out her blog post for more details of her outfit: Vogue Haus – Streets of San Francisco.

We then had a quick cup of coffee afterwards. I’m always late for my shoots, but now I have a Daniel Wellington watch to keep me on track! (P.S. Use code “ryanbyryanchua” for 15% off at!)

Christine Kkarmalove | Kirby Cove

During Christine’s last visit to SF, Ally and I took her to Kirby Cove for some fun shoot at the beach and famous swing. It was slightly chilly/windy that day, but we managed to make it work. Hope you enjoyed the shots!

Black-Cutout-Dress-Christine-Kkarmalove-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-2413 Black-Cutout-Dress-Christine-Kkarmalove-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-2450 Black-Cutout-Dress-Christine-Kkarmalove-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-2478 Black-Cutout-Dress-Christine-Kkarmalove-Fashion-Blogger-RyanbyRyanChua-2525Christine-Kkarmalove-Ally-Chen-FashionbyAlly-3034Christine-Kkarmalove-Ally-Chen-FashionbyAlly-3113

Adventures with Ally: La Mar Peruvian

I’ve been to a couple of Peruvian restaurants in San Francisco like Frescas and Limon Rotisserie, so I kind of had some expectations coming in to La Mar Cebicheria Peruana. But I was wrong. I was blown away dish after dish starting with the fried plantains and potatoes – which were so amazing, I still think about it every now and then. Ally and Kathy Fang enjoyed their ceviche, while I delightfully destroyed my Lomo Saltado (which I think is the best Lomo Saltado I’ve ever tasted)! I highly suggest checking out La Mar if you’re ever in the City and want to try out Peruvian cuisine!


La-Mar-Peruvian-Restaurant-San-Francisco-FashionbyAlly-RyanbyRyanChua-5 La-Mar-Peruvian-Restaurant-San-Francisco-FashionbyAlly-RyanbyRyanChua-2