Kier Mellour | Red & Pink

The last time I shot with Kier Mellour was in the freezing cold during NYFW in February. It was nice to shoot in warmer weather this time. We’ve been trying to shoot for the longest time and we finally got to it during her short visit to San Francisco a few days ago.Hope you enjoyed the shots! Check out her blog post for more details: Kier Couture | San Fran.

Kier Mellour KierCouture Photography by Ryan Chua-2205  Kier Mellour KierCouture Photography by Ryan Chua-2273 Kier Mellour KierCouture Photography by Ryan Chua-2308 Kier Mellour KierCouture Photography by Ryan Chua-2344 Kier Mellour KierCouture Photography by Ryan Chua-2388

Bryn Newman | Outside Lands Style

I was enjoying a nice warm summer day in SF and then the fog and cold breeze rolled in. You know what that means: Outside Lands is coming. I’ve been going to OSL for the past three years now, and they all have been historically cold. I actually dislike the cold weather during Outside Lands, since everyone bundles up and it’s difficult to shoot streetstyle that way. Compared to Coachella where everyone shows off their outfit in the desert heat, SF’s weather will make you bundle up in a blanket or heavy jacket, which renders your outfit hidden from the public eye. Regardless the music is always amazing. I sadly won’t be going this year since OSL doesn’t excite me as much as a streetstyle photographer, but I know a lot of my friends will have a blast.

If you’re looking for an outfit inspiration for this year’s OSL, be sure to check out Bryn Newman’s blog post: Outside Lands Festival Style Tips.

Bryn-Newman-StoneFoxStyle-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-4936 Bryn-Newman-StoneFoxStyle-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-4959 Bryn-Newman-StoneFoxStyle-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-4981 Bryn-Newman-StoneFoxStyle-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-5008 Bryn-Newman-StoneFoxStyle-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-5067 Bryn-Newman-StoneFoxStyle-Fashion-Blogger-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-5089

Marianna Hewitt | Makeup Review

I don’t normally shoot makeup reviews but I was more than happy to do it when Marianna Hewitt asked me. I thought I’d share with you photos that we took together at my hotel room at the LINE Hotel in Koreatown LA. It’s also one of my favorite hotels to stay because of the amazing natural lighting it offers. Anyways, check out the full review on her blog post: Click Here.

Marianna-Hewitt-1603 Marianna-Hewitt-1646

Here’s probably one of my favorite Fyuses of all time: Click Here. Isn’t Marianna so BAE-utiful?


Ariana Lauren | Hayes Valley

I was finally reunited with Ariana Lauren after not seeing her for almost two weeks due to my traveling schedule. I love hanging out and shooting with her, and she suggested we shoot in Hayes Valley, one of our favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco. We had brunch at La Boulange, then shot around the area followed by a cup of rice pudding at Loving Cup. Check out her blog for more details of her outfit!

Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-1514 Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-1524 Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-1538 Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-1572 Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-1605 Ariana-Lauren-FashionBorn-Fashion-Blogger-San-Francisco-1632

BeautyCon LA 2015

Last year, I went to BeautyCon for the first time and had a very memorable moment. I met a lot of amazing people and some of them have become my best blogger friends since then. I decided to check it out again this year knowing that I was going to have another blast hanging out with my friends and meeting new ones.

I came with YouTuber Ally Chen (@fashionbyally) and musician Lola Fair (@lolafair). We spent some time out in the courtyard and took some fun footage and Fyuses with other bloggers and attendees. It was really fun showing Fyuse to everyone and watching their reactions!

Ally and Lola

Afterwards, we realized there was a side entrance for Talent and Professionals, and we escaped the heat and went inside. Ally and I went straight for the Talent Lounge which was filled with so many YouTube Stars, Viners, and Makeup/Beauty vloggers. We ran into Amy Pham (@iamamypham), Stephanie Villa (@soothingsista), Sophia Chang (@fashionista804), Claire Marshall (@heyclaire), and Jenn Im (@imjennim).

BeautyCon LA 2015-1137BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1128 BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1129

Later on, I joined Glam Queen Arika Sato on the red carpet and watched her get interviewed.BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1012

I also finally got to meet TV Host Xixi Yang in person!BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1072

Here’s Arika and Lola at The Platform.BeautyCon LA 2015-1132

Then Arika and I went back to the Talent Lounge. I also got to meet Jen Chae (@frmheadtotoe)! Here she is with Sophia and Arika.

BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1111

You just never know who you will run into at the Talent Lounge: @karrueche, @mac_daddyy, and @jamaalbuster with Arika. Here’s one of Evelina and Arika that I took for her Instagram.

BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1096
I also ran into Julia Kelly (@MissJuliaKelly), who I wanted to take a photograph last year but she was heading off on another direction. But I was able to snap a photo of her this time around.BeautyCon LA 2015-1144


One of the biggest struggles being in the Talent Lounge is figuring out who is who. BeautyCon and New York Fashion Week always make me realize that the blogging/vlogging world just keeps growing and growing with new stars and existing stars that you didn’t know existed. But that is what attending events is for – meeting them in person and getting to know them if you get the chance.

I later found Ally and all the new friends she made: @miastammer, @laurdiy, @treemachannel, @taramassicotte, @jill_cimorelli, @viviannn_v. Oh here’s the coolest Fyuse ever: Click Here.BeautyCon LA 2015-1148

Here’s Tree and Vivian! Here’s a Fyuse I took of them: Click Here.
BeautyCon LA 2015-1141

And here’s Tiffany Ma (@misstiffanyma) and Ally.BeautyCon LA 2015-1140

Okay so it got super hot inside The Reef, and I decided to head out to the Meet Up Tents. I hung out at Arika’s Meet Up and then Marianna Hewitt’s. When Arika wasn’t busy, I brought her to hang out at Marianna’s tent and take these fun photos.

BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1230 BeautyCon LA 2015 Photography by Ryan Chua-1227

Here’s a cute Selfie Fyuse that Marianna took at her tent: Click Here. Check out her YouTube video of her day! (She’s so fast!)

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Definitely worth checking out if you’ve never been to BeautyCon and esp if you love makeup/beauty and meeting YouTubers and other celebs!

Ellen V Lora | Me You Versus Life

Back on Melrose Place with this babe Ellen V Lora. It took me awhile to decipher what was written on her bralet, then she told me it says “i.d.f.w.u” from Me You Versus Life (MYVL Clothing). I thought it was clever, especially the name of the LA-based brand that I found out through her. Hope you love the shots! I’ll be shooting with Ellen again soon (fun fun fun!). Here’s a super cool Fyuse from our shoot: Click Here.

EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2829 EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2876 EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2919 EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2955 EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2988 EllenVLora-Fashion-Blogger-RocaFox-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-3050

Marika | Little Mistress Sienna Dress

Here is part two of my shoot with Marika (@JPInsider) for our Little Mistress collaboration. Be sure to check out the dress (Click Here) and their website in general for more amazing selection of dresses! You won’t be disappointed! More details on how Marika styled it on her blog: JPInsider. We shot this around Hayes Valley that involved a little bit of exploration from one corner to another.
Marika-JPInsider-Little-Mistress-Summer-Dress-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2659 Marika-JPInsider-Little-Mistress-Summer-Dress-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2736 Marika-JPInsider-Little-Mistress-Summer-Dress-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2743 Marika-JPInsider-Little-Mistress-Summer-Dress-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-2755

Arika Sato | Swimwear Shoot in Venice Beach

Arika Sato and I wanted to shoot someplace out of our normal shooting spots (i.e. Melrose Place and Melrose Avenue). So I suggested Venice Beach and she said, why not! She brought in several swim pieces from Lisa Blue Swimwear and Ami Club Wear and we took our shoot along Venice Beach. Of course we had to avoid the unwanted gazes of creepers, so we found a nice spot where no one would bother us. It was a really nice warm and sunny day, and we had tons of fun shooting both photos and videos for her #FirstGlamDayofSummer Lookbook. Then we got really hangry towards the end but managed to finish all the looks we needed. We ended up eating in Koreatown later on. Here’s the video and photos! Hope you like them!
Arika Sato Swimwear Shoot 1

Arika Sato Swimwear Shoot 2

Arika Sato Swimwear Shoot 3

Arika Sato Swimwear Shoot 4

Here’s a VLOG from the shoot (skip to 1:55)

Macaron Cafe

I just had to share with you these macarons I got from Macaron Cafe. They were nice enough to expedite these sweet treats all the way from New York straight to my workplace at Fyusion HQ. I decided to share them with all my coworkers (sharing is caring!) and everyone LOVED it!! I have to say these are more flavorful than the ones I’ve tried from other macaron shops, and pretty much my new favorite. We’re contemplating on ordering some more at the office. Be sure to check out Macaron Cafe if you’re craving amazing macarons since they ship nationwide too! Special thanks to Rachel for modeling these macarons for me (click here for our Fyuse!).
Macaron Cafe 2Macaron Cafe 1 Macaron Cafe 3

Binh | Faith and Lace

I first discovered Binh (@worelikealion) not on Instagram but on Fyuse!! She was one of the most active and fun accounts to follow on the app, and I knew I just had to shoot with her one day. The moment finally came when she told me she was coming down to LA. I just happened to be in LA that same weekend too. We did a collaboration shoot for Faith & Lace as well, which is another brand that you should definitely keep an eye out for when they launch! I had a blast with Binh in Manhattan Beach, and I was sad we only got to shoot for a few hours since I had to catch a flight right after. This was definitely one of my favorite photoshoots! Can’t wait to shoot with her again. Check out her blog too: Click Here. Stay tuned for more posts – we did 6 looks that day!
Binh Ho WoreLikeALion FaithandLace Photography by Ryan Chua-6736-Square Binh Ho WoreLikeALion FaithandLace Photography by Ryan Chua-6822Binh Ho WoreLikeALion FaithandLace Photography by Ryan Chua-6786  Binh Ho WoreLikeALion FaithandLace Photography by Ryan Chua-6873 Binh Ho WoreLikeALion FaithandLace Photography by Ryan Chua-6901

Be sure to check out this Fyuse I took of her: Click Here.